FCC Certification in Malaysia

Introduction: What is FCC certification
The FCC certification in Malaysia is a wireless device certification that ensures the devices are safe to use in the United States. The FCC is an independent agency of the US government, which regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.
The FCC certification is a mandatory requirement for all devices that are sold in the US. This includes cellular phones, televisions, radios and other devices that transmit radio waves.

FCC Certification in Malaysia

What are the benefits of FCC Certification in Malaysia?

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What are the Requirements for Obtaining FCC Certification in Malaysia?

The following section will be dedicated to the requirements for obtaining FCC certification in Malaysia
To obtain FCC certification in Malaysia, there are a few requirements that need to be fulfilled.
Malaysia follows the European Union’s Electro-magnetic Compatibility Directive (2004/108/EC) also known as EMC Directive. The directive designates SAR limits for radio transmitters, which are not to exceed 2 W/kg in any exposure conditions.
A digital substation that contributes to electromagnetic interference will be FCC certified in order to limit the degree of radio frequency interference between devices Any electronic device or piece of equipment that is bought in Malaysia must now not compromise the protection of the American public or intrude with other digital products.

What Products Require an FCC Certificate?

Radio frequency devices that are bought or dispensed in the USA must endure testing in order to continue to be compliant with US requirements set by the FCC. Testing limits of electromagnetic radiation emitted from RF tools in order to protect users’ safety, FCC certification in Kuala Lumpur can help your organization achieve. an FCC in Malaysia certification is required for all sorts of RF devices. These include, but are not limited to
  • electronic products, smart phones
  • FCC Certification in Cameroon Highlands have a wireless LAN equipment, Bluetooth devices
  • radio transmitters
  • Wireless XRF transmitters allow the use of MRI without the hassle and time taken to go through the scanner. They are used to accurately measure skin moisture, temperature and dermal elasticity. walkie-talkies, electronic products
  • Power adapters and telecommunication equipment, such as mobile phones and chargers
  • [IT equipment] and other related devices are becoming more important with the widespread use of wireless devices.
  • fire alarms and other safety equipment used in environments that might have explosives
  • atmospheres, radios and telecommunications terminal equipment

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How to get FCC Certification in Malaysia?

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