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ISO 14001 Certification Environment Management System (EMS) MALAYSIA

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ISO 14001 Certification Environment Management System (EMS) MALAYSIA is one of the world’s most widely recognized management system designed to provide a framework to support your organization in achieving environmental excellence whilst reducing costs and wining new business.

ISO 14001 Certification Environment Management System (EMS) MALAYSIA provides registration services and deals with Environmental management system offer organization to have a better management system, laws, and regulations concerning environmental oriented factors.

ISO 14001 Certification Environment Management System (EMS) MALAYSIA is independently certified certification demonstrates a firm grasp on environmental legislation, a reduced environmental risk and a commitment to continually improving your business.

Reasons For Implementing ISO 14001 Certification Environment Management System (EMS) MALAYSIA :

Environmental management systems (EMS) have been introduced globally to reduce environmental degradation issues brought about by industrial development.

The research discussed in this paper is aimed at identifying the benefits and motivations of the implementation of EMS in compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 standard in Malaysian industries by using the pairwise comparison method.

Experts in EMS from the Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia were invited to participate in the research panel. Based on the experts’ input, data analysis was carried out by using multi-criteria pairwise comparisons.

The findings showed the ranked benefits and motivations of the implementation of the ISO 14001 standard for businesses.

The results can indicate to policy-makers and business advisors how businesses can be encouraged to implement the ISO 14001.

Improve your image and credibility :

If your contracts or tenders require an ISO 14001 certification, then this is an obvious benefit. But, even if it is not a formal requirement, very often your customers, neighbors, and the local community will be interested in how you care for the environment around you. Increasingly, consumers are concerned about the environmental practices of the companies that produce the products they use.

Help you comply with legal requirements :

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Improvement in cost control :

All companies want to reduce costs – this is a fact of life in today’s world economy – but you may wonder how an environmental management system can help with cost control. The first way that this can happen is by using your system to identify, control, and reduce the number of environmental incidents that occur, which can cost your company through liability costs of fines, cleanup, and reparations.

Higher rate of success when implementing changes :

When you are trying to make the improvements outlined above, it is important to ensure you are working with good, accurate data, which is a key element of the ISO 14001 standard. When putting these improvement activities in place, you can greatly increase the chances that you will be successful the first time by tracking the improvement through good data collection – and even if the initiative goes off track, you will find this out sooner so that you can correct problems and recover faster. This can save further time and money.

Enable quicker improvement of processes :

The element of continual improvement that is integral to the ISO 14001 requirements can be used to help your organization to move from small improvements toward greater enhancements to your organizational processes. Through these systematic processes, you can better build your public image and reduce your costs as identified above, but to continue to do this can help your employees find new and better ways to reduce your environmental impact and save time and resources when they improve the processes.

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