ISO 37001 Certification Anti-Bribery Management Systems UAE

ISO 14001 certification in UAE


The main benefits of implementing an anti-bribery management system according to the ISO 37001 standard
are the following:

  • Reducing the risk of bribery taking place
  • Gaining a comparative advantage in the market, especially for businesses dealing with public services
  • Providing proof to interested parties that the company has taken all the necessary measures to avoid bribery
  • It is a useful tool for formulating and managing a company’s sustainability strategy
  • Mobilization and active participation of staff
  • Added value to the principles of sustainability and social responsibility already implemented by a company,
  • cultivating an ethical business philosophy
  • Even in the event of a bribery investigation, it provides evidence to interested parties and relevant authorities
  • that the business had taken steps to avoid

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