CE Mark Certification In Germany

What is CE Mark?

CE Mark Certification in Germany or CE mark logo that needs to be affixed to several products before they can be marketed on the European market. The mark signifies that a product meets the requirements of applicable European product directives. Performs all the conditions of the applicable recognized European harmonized performance and safety standards. CE marking is a recognition by the company that the product reaches all the appropriate provisions of the relevant legislation completing certain European Directives. CE marking presents companies with more easy access into the European market to market their products without modification or rechecking. The “CE” does not stand for any special words but is a declaration by the manufacturer that his product meets the conditions of the applicable European Directive(s).

CE Mark Certification in Germany

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CE Mark Certification in Germany

Certease is one of the leading CE Mark Consultants in Germany, implementing CE mark Certification in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, and other major cities in Germany. If you are looking to Import/export your product then we suggest you have a CE mark in Germany or if you are already looking to get Product certification in Germany? We are very glad to help you with this as a CE mark consultant in Berlin. 
We are giving product certification in Germany to many Manufacturers and businesses. CE mark certification Germany is the leading certification standard accepted by most businesses recognizing its importance and significance. 
Germany is called the Federal Republic of Germany officially, Germany is a great power with a healthy economy, it has the largest economy in Europe, the world’s 4th-largest economy by nominal GDP, and the 5th-largest by PPP. As a global leader in various industrial, scientific and technological sectors, it is both the world’s 3rd-largest exporter and importer of goods. As a developed country, which ranks very high on the Human Development Index, It doesn’t matter what is the nature of the business and irrespective of the size of the business organization if you want to stable your brand or product in the market you truly want to get certified by CE mark.

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CE mark affixation to products indicates that the manufacturer declares that these products are in conformity with all applicable requirements of EU legislation. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can only be placed on the market for trade if it complies with the required health and safety requirements of Annex II of PPE Regulation 2016/425. 
Different conformity assessment procedures divide into 3 categories for PPE as follows:
  • Category I: sole responsibility of the manufacturer for conformity assessment to the Simple PPE offering protection against minimal risks. 
  • Category II: For Normal PPE, a type-examination certificate required from an approved (notified) body. The manufacturer is responsible for this type of conformity for PPE.
  • Category III: For protection against major risks, other than type examination, monitoring quality control of products and production is also required. 
 This applies to the following areas:
Before awarding the CE mark, the PFI test body performs all the required tests. For Categories II and III and to carry out monitored control of the finished products and production a certification body is authorized to award EU type-examination certificates. Following some of the particulars are covered under this:
Foot and leg protection
For a thorough and complete assessment, tests are conducted on the whole shoe, on the sole, and on the upper.
Category II:
  • PPE Regulation 2016/425: For individual foot and leg protection. 
  • EN ISO 20345: Safety footwear.
  • EN ISO 20346: Occupational footwear.
  • EN ISO 20347: Protective footwear.
  • EN 13634: Protective footwear for motorcycle riders. 
  • EN ISO 20349-2: Welding boots.
Category III:
  • EN 15090: Firefighter boots
  • EN ISO 20349-1: Foundry boots
  • EN ISO 17249 from 21.04.2018: Safety footwear with resistance cutting.
Hand protection
  • Directive 89/686/EEC or EU Regulation 2016/425: Individual hand protection
  • EN 388: Protective gloves against mechanical risks

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If you are looking for how to get CE mark Consultant in Germany then we are glad to help get certified, you don’t need to worry about it, we Certease implicated in the various Business get their certification also in consultation for their requirements in Germany. CE marking registration in Germany is simple and clear with the help of Certease. easily reach Certease by simply visiting our website www.certease.com, where you can chat with our experts, or you can also write an inquiry to contact@certease.com so that our experts can reach you to present the much possible solution available for your requirements.


CE Mark Certification in Germany

CE marking symbolizes that the manufacturer valued a product and considered it to meet EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements

The cost of an CE Mark Certificate in Germany varies in accordance with the variety required as per the goods dealt with by the business. The cost of CE mark certification in Germany further depends upon the circumstances like the audit requirements, and level of operations.

First Log in to the International Accreditation Forum website and enter the certification body then you will know more details about it.

Certease will make the certification fasters, and simpler. But, it again depends on the process. for more information please contact us, our experts will help you

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