CE Mark Certification

What is CE Mark?

The CE mark symbol affixed to a product indicates that it is eligible to be sold in Europe. CE Mark on the product is mandatory and should follow 24 European directives. CE mark certified products will represent the responsible for the compliance of a product with all applicable European health, safety, performance, and environmental requirements. CE abbreviated as “Conformité Européenne”.
All 27 member states of the EU require a CE mark including other states like Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein. Some products are being accepted without a CE mark and for other products, a CE mark is mandatory in Switzerland and Turkey.

CE Mark Certification

Why you need CE Mark Certification?

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What are the characteristics of CE marking?

The CE marking has to be affixed accordingly with legal format visibly, indelibly, and legibly to the product by the manufacturer or by the authorized representative in the EU.
For example, for a machine, the Machinery Directive applies as below
  • Low voltage directive
  • EMC directive
  • Other directives, e.g. ATEX directive
  • Some other legal requirements for other products.
CE mark affixed engages and guarantees that it performs the test, evaluation, and assessment on the product to confirm that all the directive requirements are followed that apply to its product. 
  • Council for Directive has been introduced on 22 July 1993 amending the following directive.
  • 87/404/EEC  – Simple Pressure Vessels
  • 88/378/EEC  – Safety of toys
  • 89/106/EEC  – Construction Products
  •  89/336/EEC – Electromagnetic compatibility
  • 89/392/EEC  – Machinery
  • 89/686/EEC  – Personal protective equipment
  • 90/384/EEC  – Non-automatic weighing instruments
  •  90/385/EEC – Active implantable medicinal devices
  • 90/396/EEC  – Appliances burning gaseous fuels
  • 91/263/EEC  – Telecommunications terminal equipment
  • 92/42/EEC    – Hot water boilers with liquid or fuels
  • 93/42/EEC    – Medical devices
  • 73/23/EEC    – Electrical equipment within certain voltage limits 
CE marking dimension should be pf at least 5mm, for enlarged marking proportions need to be maintained.
CE marking has to affixed on the packaging or accompanying documents if the appearance and workmanship of the product do not allow the marking on the product.
Notified body involvement in the conformity assessment procedure of directive, then identification number has to printed behind the CE logo.

What are the Rules bound for CE marking?

Certain rules and procedure need to be followed to affix the marking:

  • Before a product being placed into the market, the product should be subjected to certain EU directives or EU regulations.
  • Manufacturers will be solely responsible for  EU legislation that they need to apply to their product.
  • The product can only be placed in the market if the conformity assessment procedure has been carried out accordingly with the provisions of all applicable directives and regulations.
  • Authorized third party ( Notified Body ) is required in the conformity assessment procedure if specified in the EU directive(s).
  • Additional marking on the existing CE mark can be done for different significance but do not overlap with existing which may impair the legibility and visibility of the CE marking.
  • Conformity assessment issued by the third party ( notified body ) will be important throughout the entire CE-marking process which includes from design verification till setting up of the technical file related to EU declaration of conformity. 
  • The Blue Guide ( New Approach and the Global Approach ) was 1st published by European Union in 2000, later Updated versions were published on 28 February 2014 and 26 July 2016 for the implementation of the directive(s) and regulation(s).

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