CE Mark Certification In Qatar

What is CE Mark?

CE Mark Certification in Qatar or CE marking logo must be affixed to different products before they can be sold on the European market. The mark signifies that a product provides the requirements of relevant European product directives. Provides all the conditions of the relevant recognized European adapted appearance and safety standards. CE marking in Qatar is a recognition by the company that the product meets all the relevant provisions of the relevant legislation completing certain European Directives. CE marking grants companies with more smooth access into the European market to market their products without modification or rechecking. The “CE” is not a distinct word but is a declaration by the manufacturer that his product performs the conditions of the applicable European Directive(s).

CE Mark Certification in Qatar

Why you need CE Mark certification in Qatar?

The EU established the CE marking system to perform trade easier and more efficient between EU countries. It intends that a manufacturer declares that their product conforms to the minimum legal conditions for health and safety as put down in EU directives.
If your products manufactured in Qatar following the cover of European Directives and Regulations are marked with the CE Mark in Qatar and can be marketed in the global market without any legal restriction. CE marking permits you to market your product in the European Economic Area
Normally, consumers will look for CE marking on a product as a symbol of conformance to be placed down to the least standards, and hence the least level of quality that other products may need CE Mark Certification in Qatar

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What is the CE marking process in Qatar?

  • Classify the Directive (s) that are appropriate to your product.
  • Identify the conformity assessment process for your product and Directive.
  • Plan the dates by which you need to take action.
  • Notice if there are any Harmonized European Standards related to your product.
  • Ensure the product complies with all the mandatory requirements of the Directive(s).
  • Verify whether the independent evaluation of your conformity is required by a Notified Body.
  • Advance Technical Documentation required by the Directive(s).
  • Obtain the Declaration of Conformity and the required supporting evidence.
  • Confirm that no other essentially federal conditions exist in the country where the product is to be sold.
  • Affix CE marking on your product.

How to get CE Mark Certification In Qatar?

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CE Mark Certification in Qatar

The cost of an CE Mark Certificate in Qatar varies in accordance with the variety required as per the goods dealt with by the business. The cost of CE mark certification in Qatar further depends upon the circumstances like the audit requirements, and level of operations.

If you want to continue importing or selling the product you need to apply for renewal of the approval certificate.

A certificate in Qatar is assigned for a maximum period of 3 years. A shorter period may apply if requested by the applicant or restricted because of impending changes to the relevant product Model upon which the certification is based.

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