CE Mark Certification In
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What is CE Mark Certification In Sri Lanka?

CE mark is a globally identified mark of the products which are manufactured in compliance with European safety, quality, and environmental protection specifications. This certification mark assures the products are safe and secure. Accomplishing this mark helps the manufactures to sell their products outside Sri Lanka mainly in the European Economic Area. 
Additionally, the CE Mark Certification in Sri Lanka improves marketability in the European business market. The CE marking is a standard for which provides information regarding the quality of the products. It recognizes that the product is in compliance with the directives set by the European Union. 
The CE marking certification was advanced to make trade between the European countries simple. The standard was organized in 1985 and it became mandatory for some products to have CE marking on them if they are being sold in European Economic Area.
CE Mark Certification is the certification that certifies that a product complies with all of the essential requirements of European Union legislation.

CE Mark Certification in Sri Lanka

why you need CE Mark certification in Sri Lanka?

The CE certification in Sri Lanka will increase the trading of the product between the EU countries. CE marking in Sri Lanka as a global standard for safety and protection, helping consumers overcome doubt concerning the vulnerability of the product.
If your products manufactured in Sri Lanka following the cover of European Directives and Regulations are registered with the CE Mark in Sri Lanka and can be sold in the global market without any legal restriction.
Normally, customers will watch for CE marking on a product as a symbol of conformance to laid down least standards, and therefore the minimum level of quality that other products may require CE Mark Certification in Sri Lanka.

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CE Mark Certification consultant in in Sri Lanka

Certease is one of the leading CE Mark Consultant in Sri Lanka, implementing CE mark Certification in Sri Lanka and other major cities like Colombo, Galle, Kandy, Anuradhapura, and Trincomalee.
 If you need to Import or export your product then we recommend you to get CE mark certification in Sri Lanka If you already looking to get Product certification in Sri Lanka? then we are happy to help you with this and we are implementing product certification in Sri Lanka to most of the Manufacturing and business. 
CE mark certification in Sri Lanka is one of the product certifications that is a necessity and essential if you are venturing to export your manufactured product to European countries. let us look at some interesting facts about Sri Lanka, previously known as Ceylon, and now officially called the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. 
The country’s trade in luxury goods and spices drew traders of many countries, building Sri Lanka’s diverse population. Sri Lanka is the only South Asian country ranked high on the Human Development Index with the 2nd-highest per capita income in the region. 
Sri Lanka enhanced a plantation economy renowned for its production and export of cinnamon, Ceylon tea, and rubber which continues as trademark national export. To read more about the CE mark you can go for the European regulation portal where you can discover the list of requirements that need to be certified in order to be exported into European markets.
CE mark affixed retains and ensures that it performs the test, evaluation, and assessment on the product to verify that all the directive requirements are resulted in that apply to its product. 
Council for Directive has been organized on 22 July 1993 improving the following directive.
  • 87/404/EEC  – Simple Pressure Vessels
  • 88/378/EEC  – Safety of toys
  • 89/106/EEC  – Construction Products
  •  89/336/EEC – Electromagnetic compatibility
  • 89/392/EEC  – Machinery
  • 89/686/EEC  – Personal protective equipment
  • 90/384/EEC  – Non-automatic weighing instruments
  •  90/385/EEC – Active implantable medicinal devices
  • 90/396/EEC  – Appliances burning gaseous fuels
  • 91/263/EEC  – Telecommunications terminal equipment
  • 92/42/EEC    – Hot water boilers with liquid or fuels
  • 93/42/EEC    – Medical devices
  • 73/23/EEC    – Electrical equipment within certain voltage limits

An Introduction to CE Mark Certification and its Importance for Manufacturers

CE Mark Certification is a certification mark for products that have been properly assessed and found to meet the legal requirements of the European Union.
The CE marking is a mandatory requirement in order to sell products in the European Economic Area (EEA). CE marking is not an approval of any specific product but it certifies that the manufacturer has taken all necessary steps to ensure that their product meets all relevant European Union requirements

Introduction to Product Safety in Sri Lanka - An Overview of the Basic Requirements For Manufacturers & Suppliers

Product safety is an important factor in many industries. The Sri Lankan market is not immune to the safety risks that are present in so many industries.
This article will provide a brief overview of the basic requirements for manufacturers and suppliers of products, with a specific focus on those products that are sold to the Sri Lankan market.
The article will discuss some of the key requirements for product safety in Sri Lanka, which are set out by law and enforced by government agencies such as the Bureau of Standards, Colombo Customs and other agencies.

Our consulting Methodology for CE Mark Certification in Sri Lanka

  • Comprehensive GAP analysis of your company with regard to your Certification Requirement.
  • Training and supervising your team to achieve best practices as per the certification guidelines.
  • Implementing a full access guide for your team to create the documentation as per the certification requirements.
  • Administering pre-assessment and Internal Audit.
  • Final Certification Audit by the Certification body


The Benefits of CE Mark Certification in Colombo

  • CE Mark Certification is a certification for medical devices. It is used to show that the product meets the essential health and safety requirements of the European Union (EU).
  • CE Mark Certification has many benefits because it helps to ensure that your medical device meets all of the essential health and safety requirements of the EU. This certification can help your company get into new markets in Europe, which can lead to more sales in other countries.
  • The CE mark is not just a sticker on your device; it means that you have met all of the necessary regulations for sale in Europe.

What Do I Need to Apply for CE Mark Certification?

CE marking is a way for a manufacturer to show that the product complies with the essential requirements of European Union (EU) directives.
There are two types of CE marking: one is mandatory and the other is voluntary. Mandatory CE marking is required for all products that fall within EU legislation and do not have an exception. Voluntary CE marking can be applied to products which comply with EU legislation but do not need mandatory CE marking.

Why You Should Get Your Products CE Mark Certified?

The CE Mark is a mandatory certification for all products that are sold in the European Union. It is an indication of compliance with the essential health and safety requirements set out by the EU.
It certifies that your product meets all relevant European Union legislation and, therefore, can be sold throughout the region without restrictions.
The CE Marking is one of the most important legal aspects to consider when exporting your products to Europe. The CE Marking will help you avoid penalties and fines by proving that your product complies with EU regulations.

How to get CE Mark Certification In Sri Lanka?

If you are looking for how to get CE Mark Certification in Sri Lanka then we are here to help get certified you don’t want to worry about it, we Certease involved in many Companies get their certification also in consultation for their terms. CE marking registration in Sri Lanka is simple and clear with the help of Certease. Simply contact Certease by visiting our portal www.certease.com where you can chat with our professionals or you can also write an inquiry to contact@certease.com so that our professionals can contact you to present the much potential solution available for your specifications.

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