CE Mark Certification In Iran

What is CE Mark?

When a product with a CE Mark Certification in Iran, implies that the products are as per the safety and health of the consumers and marketed or traded in the European Union countries seamlessly. CE stands for “Conformite Europeene”, which means that the product must strictly adhere to the standards and quality directives as suggested by European Union Countries.  The manufacturers of the products having the CE marking certificate in Iran, the Islamic Republic, then it will help them to assure the clients and consumers that their products adhere to quality and safety requirements.

CE Mark Certification in Iran

Why you need CE Mark certification in Iran?

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CE Mark Certification in Iran

Certease is one of the leading CE Mark Consultants in Iran, implementing CE mark Certification in Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Karaj, and major cities in Iran. If you are looking to Import/export your product then we recommend you have a CE mark in Iran, or if are you already looking to get Product certification in Iran? then we very glad to help you with this as a CE mark consultant in Iran, we are providing product certification in Iran to many Manufacturers and businesses. CE mark certification in Iran is the prominent certification standard accepted by most organizations recognizing its significance and importance. Iran also called Persia and called the Islamic Republic of Iran officially, Iran’s economy is a blend of central planning, state control of oil and other large enterprises, village agriculture, and small-scale private trading and service ventures. Iran is classified as an upper-middle-income economy by the World Bank. In the early 21st century, the service sector contributed the largest percentage of the GDP, followed by industry (mining and manufacturing) and agriculture. CE Mark certification services in Tehran are legal support that is characterized by relevant directives based on the variety of products. the product manufactured from a company must match the terms of the market anywhere the products are developing to have a distribution. Hereabouts advises the logo of CE must be present over each product to achieve compliance for CE Mark registration in Iran.

CE logo comprises a four-digit unique identification number that describes the assessing body that has verified the process, along with the ISO standard that the product adheres. If the products need to sell or trade with European countries, they need to apply for CE marking certifications that are suggested by respective countries for the different products.

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Below mentioned products that must have CE marking in Iran, the Islamic Republic

  • Cableway products
  • Construction Machineries & Tools
  • All Medical supplements (Excluding surgical instruments)
  • Explosives (controlled public purposes)
  • Energy-related products for Ecodesign
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Pyrotechnics goods
  • Hot-water boilers
  • Appliances involved in gaseous fuels
  • Metrology Tools &equipment
  • Elevators
  • Low voltage devices
  • Pressure vessels
  • Safety of toys
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pressure gauging instruments
  • Non-Automatic weighing Devices
  • Protective equipment
  • Radio and telecommunications equipment
Certease being the best consulting firm, Our dedicated team makes it easy to get certified with CE Marking for Iran, The Islamic Republic. Be part of the improvement in the business process.

Certification Process for CE Mark Certification in Iran:

The process to get certificated is as follows:
1.Application:- Application form required entity
2.Application review:- Reviewing the application to proceed with the Certification process.
3.Quotation/Agreement:- Quotation/agreement to the applicant for the acceptance for the certification process.
5.Stage-I: Audit and Document Review according to standard guidelines.
6.Review:- Reviewing of the audit report and closure of N.C for further process.
7.Stage-II Audit:- System and Process Audit in accordance with the standard(s).
8. N.C Closure and Invoice for fees:- The N.C Closure & observation, a receipt for full and final fees settlement before the issue of the certificate.
9.Review:- Reviewing the audit report for the closure of N.C.
10.Issuing of Certificate:-The certificate is issued for a time period of one certification cycle.
12.Re-Certification Audit:- The re-certification process is followed after a period of 3 years’ cycle.
13.Refusal of Certification:- Certification may become invalid at various stages if the adherence is not followed.

How to get CE Mark Certification In Iran?

Are you looking for how to get CE Mark Certification in Iran?
then we are here to assist you to get certified you don’t need to worry about it, we Certease committed to many companies gets their certification also in consultation for their specifications. CE marking registration in Iran is simple and clear with the support of Certease. Simply reach Certease by visiting our portal www.certease.com there you can talk with our experts or you can also write an inquiry to contact@certease.com so that our experts can contact you to offer the much potential solution available for your requirements.

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