CE Mark Certification in Indonesia

What is CE Mark?

CE Mark Certification in Indonesia is an organizational marking with which the manufacturer or importer declares its conformity with European safety, health, and environmental protection standards for products marketed within the European Economic Area. Note that the CE mark is not a quality indicator or a certification mark.
The CE marking in Indonesia is also noticed on products marketed outside the EEA that have held manufactured to EEA standards. This displays the CE marking in Jakarta as recognizable global even to consumers who are not well-known with the European Economic Area. It’s essential to be watched out that products marked with CE marks are not certified or authorized by the European Union.

CE Mark Certification in Indonesia

Why you need CE Mark certification in Indonesia?

If the products manufactured in Indonesia are covered by European Directives and Regulations, and can be marketed worldwide without any legal restrictions.
This CE certification in Jakarta will allow us to expand the reach of our product among EU countries. It will also help buyers overcome any questions they may have about the security and safety of our products.
Numerous products are made with something unsafe or environmentally unfriendly. It could be that some of these hazards only become apparent when the device has been in use for a while. The customer who uses it more often is more likely to be affected by its vulnerability. The CE Mark in Indonesia on your product promises outstanding security and protection for the customers

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CE Mark Certification consultant in Indonesia

Certease is one of the leading CE Mark Consultants in Indonesia, achieving CE Mark Certification in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, and major cities in Indonesia. If you are looking to Import/export your product then we suggest you have a CE mark in Indonesia or if are you already looking to get Product certification in Indonesia? we are glad to help you with this as a CE mark consultant in Jakarta, we are providing product certification in Indonesia to many Manufacturers and businesses. CE mark certification Indonesia is the notable certification standard trusted by most organizations recognizing its significance.
Indonesia is called the Republic of Indonesia officially, Indonesia has a diverse economy in which both the private sector and government perform important roles. Indonesia has the largest economy in the region and also it is classified as a newly industrialized country.
The largest economy comes from the services sector and accounts for 43.4% of GDP according to 2018 data, followed by industry and agriculture. it has employed more people than other sectors, accounting for 47.7% of the total labor force since 2009, followed by agriculture and industry.

Benefits of Having CE Mark certification in Indonesia

CE Mark certification Benefits in Indonesia is a compulsory certification for products sold in the European Union. It is a manufacturer’s declaration that its product complies with the applicable EC directives. , decisions of the European Commission, and other relevant laws and regulations. 
CE Mark certification Benefits in Indonesia protects the product owners’ rights to sell their products to European Union countries by formalizing compliance with EC directives such as EU Directive 98/2009 on consumer information.
The CE Marking in Indonesia on a product means that it has met the requirements of EU legislation and can be sold without restrictions in any of the EU Member States.
It is important for manufacturers and sellers to have the CE-mark on their products, because it means that they are allowed to sell their products in all European Union member countries without any problems or limitations.


How to Apply for the CE Mark Certificate in Indonesia?

Indonesia has strict rules and regulations that must be adhered for a CE Mark Certificate. To avoid trouble, it is important to understand the process and the guidelines in order to obtain these certificates.
CE stands for CE Mark, a certification that verifies that all health, safety and environmental standards have been met. CE marking is the process of safeguarding products by ensuring they comply with European Directives on safety and environmental standards.
In order to apply for this certification, applicants must fulfill all necessary requirements.
Below are some of them:
  • As a manufacturer, it’s your responsibility to provide evidence of fulfilling essential requirements such as product safety and environmental conservation.
  • The company needs to provide some evidence that the level of quality & standardization is appropriate.
  • Product quality should be as specified in the marketing material and they should provide evidence of the necessary quality levels.

What is the process of CE Mark Certification In Indonesia?

the process starts with a GAP analysis of your company with reflection to CE MARK Standard and we will provide you a quotation.

After you have accepted our quotation, Our team will perform the required training for you and will complete the documentation work required for CE MARK certification.

Succeeding, we will conduct a pre-assessment audit to guarantee that your organization corresponds with the coveted certification terms.

We will assist you in the concluding certification audit to assure that your company succeeds in certification favorably.

We strongly consider Customer Satisfaction. Following the complete achievement of the certification process makes our final payment.

How to get CE Mark Certification In Indonesia?

Are you looking for how to get CE Mark Consultant in Indonesia?
then we are here to assist you to get certified you don’t need to worry about it, we Certease committed to many companies gets their certification also in consultation for their terms. CE marking registration in Indonesia is simple and clear with the assistance of Certease. Just contact Certease by visiting our website www.certease.com where you can chat with our experts or you can also write an inquiry to contact@certease.com so that our experts can reach you to give the much possible solution available for your specifications.

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