ISO 9001 Certification In Malaysia

What Is ISO 9001 Certification?

ISO 9001 certification in Malaysia represents that organization adopts good quality management practices. The certification gives a Global Standard that spells out quality and trust. The organization should prove its ability to consistently provide products that meet relevant statutory & regulatory requirements without modifying the Customer specification.
ISO 9001 shows the required requirements for Quality Management System for an organization to Design, Manufacture, and Release products and services to meet the client’s relevant statutory & regulatory requirements. The standard commands a framework to assess customer perception and for continual improvements in the business process.

ISO 9001 Certification in Malaysia

Why you need ISO 9001 certification in Malaysia ?

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ISO 9001 in consultant Malaysia

Certease is one of the leading ISO Consultants in Malaysia, implementing ISO 9001 Standard across Major Malaysian cities like Kuala Lumpur, Cameroon Highlands, Malacca, Penang, Tioman Island, Mount Kinabalu, Langkawi, and Putrajaya.
 If you are looking to get ISO 9001 certification in Malaysia? We are very glad to help you with this as an ISO consultant in Kuala Lumpur. We are giving training, audit service, consultation, and certification services in Kuala Lumpur to many organizations. 
ISO 9001 certification in Malaysia is the principal certification standard accepted by most organizations identifying its significance. Currently(2014–2015), Malaysia stands at sixth-largest in Southeast Asia economy and It stands at 39th largest in the world economy. 
The Malaysian economy is extremely healthy and expanded with the largest export and Malaysia exported the biggest amount of high-tech products valuing US$57.258 billion in the year 2015. ISO 9001 Certification in Malaysia is determined to be the leading sought-after certification essential to strengthen the organization and to be ambitious to edge up in this competitive market. some of the main business sectors of Malaysia are Electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment semiconductors, microchips, oleochemicals, automotive, optical devices, integrated circuits, smelting, timber, wood pulp, rubber, petroleum, liquified natural gas, petrochemicals, telecommunication product. 
The economy of Malaysia is predicted to more robust in the coming years  The Malaysian economy is growing at a very much faster rate so there is a good opportunity to scale up your business by getting ISO 9001 certification in Malaysia. 
The international organization published the ISO 9001 certification Body in Malaysia for standardization work of ISO is to declare the standards. ISO 9001 certification services in Malaysia is an essential standard, when the standard is developed, it considers all the specifications, terms and definitions, the complexity of the organization based on courses of the standard, which is recognized so that the ISO 9001 certification services in Kuala Lumpur enhance stronger and simple to understand, by any organization.

What are the Benefit of ISO 9001 certification in Malaysia

  • Implementation of QMS will help the organization to manage the business to meet customer requirements. 
  • QMS will result in better products, better customer service, and satisfied customers.
  • With the implementation of the systems, the business will become more efficient and productive. 
  • QMS will reduce errors and rework, reduce operation cost, time, and use of resources.
  • The QMS systems in human resources increase staff morale and commitment.
  • All of the above with QMS will increase profitability.

QMS Explained in simpler ways for ISO 9001 Certification in Malaysia

Clause 4 – QMS Requirements
  • Establishing the Quality Management Systems based on systematic process approach, implement and improving in the process.
  • Documentation of work through manual, procedures, work instruction, and must include:
Quality Manual.
DCP (Document Control Procedure) to control documents. 
RCP (Record Control Procedure)  to control records.
Clause 5 –Management Requirements
The management requirement for an organization  :
  • Focus on customer’s requirements by identifying the market demand.
  • Establishing a Quality Policy and communicating to staff for commitment to Quality.
  • Establishing a plan on how to develop, document, implement, maintain and ensure continual improvement of QMS in the Organization.
  • Assigning responsibility and authority for QMS for different departments.
  • Separate resource for Quality Management Representative.
  • Effective internal communication to staff about QMS in the organization.
  • Record output from the management review for improvement.
Clause 6 – Resource Requirements
  • Identifying resources needed for the process and provide them for the QMS training thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing competency of human resources by training and by evaluation of competency by simple examination.
  • Ensure competency of human resources, identify what training is required and provide them.  Evaluate competency after training.
  • Staff should work in a conducive environment.
Clause 7 – Product Realization
  • Planning and developing a process required for the product by ensuring the customer requirement.
  • Regularly monitor design and development verifications and validations by managing the changes to design and development
  • Establishing a control for purchasing process and verification for purchased products.
  • Controlled monitoring and measuring equipment by established by maintaining check sheet/measuring processes.
  • Selecting the suitable equipment for the process.
  • protecting the equipment from damage by deterioration during handling, maintenance, and storage issues.
Clause 8 – Measurement, analysis, and improvement
  • Ensure all the measurement processes have a defined control chart.
  • MFA (Market feedback Analysis) for customers for the service provided and for other improvements.
  • Preparing a procedure for Internal Audit.
  • Procedure for controlling non-conforming products.
  • Procedure for Corrective and preventive action for non-conformity.
  • Planning to provide information of QMS for analysis and findings for improvement.

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How to get ISO 9001 Certification In Malaysia?

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Then we are here to help you in the Implementation of the ISO 9001 standard for the organization and get you the certification in Malaysia, you don’t need to worry about it, we Certease committed by many companies to get their certification also in consultation with their specifications. ISO 9001 standard implementation in Malaysia is simple and clear with the assistance of Certease. Simply reach Certease by visiting our website there you can talk with our experts or you can also write an inquiry to so that our experts can reach you to suggest the most probable solution available for your requirements.

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