HACCP Certification in Sri Lanka

HACCP Certification in Sri Lanka is a managing system in which food safety is managed through the analysis and control of chemical, biological, and physical hazards of raw material production, procurement, and handling, to manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of the finished product. HACCP certification food safety in Sri Lanka is a Completely recognized approach to identifying and instructing food safety-related risks.
The HACCP in Sri Lanka is suitable in all sectors of the food processing industry from harvesting, processing, manufacturing, distributing, and providing food for consumption.

HACCP Certification in Sri Lanka

What are the benefits of HACCP Certification in Sri Lanka?

Development of new markets and customer segments
Market growth will result from certification.
The buyer will gain trust as a consequence of certification.

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HACCP Agency in Sri Lanka

Certease is one of the leading HACCP consultants in Sri Lanka, we are providing the HACCP certifcation in Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Sri Jayawardenepura, Moratuwa, Jaffna, and other major cities of Sri Lanka.
We are one of the most affordable HACCP certification agencies in Sri Lanka and we offer HACCP Certification Services in Colombo with a considerable uncomplicated and quick process that will help you to get a certificate hassle-free.
HACCP certification in Sri Lanka immediately indicates to customers your adherence to producing or selling safe food. This evidence-based process can be extremely advantageous when you are subject to examination by regulatory authorities.
Confirming a real responsibility to food safety through HACCP compliance in Sri Lanka can also recast your brand and act as an influential entry-to-market tool, opening up new business possibilities around the world.
Our international network of food specialists carries out HACCP audits in Sri Lanka and assists you to focus on the risks that affect food safety and hygiene. It is then achievable to systematically determine where the hazards are by setting up control limitations at critical points during the food production cycle.

HACCP certification is a global standard determining the requirements for effective control of food safety. It is produced around seven principles:

  • Instruct Hazard Analysis of biological, chemical, or physical food hazards.
  • Resolve critical control points.
  • Demonstrate critical control limits, for example, minimum cooking temperature and time.
  • Induct a system to monitor control of Critical Control Points.
  • Demonstrate corrective actions.
    Specify a procedure for verification to confirm that the HACCP system is working effectively.
  • Demonstrate documentation and record-keeping.

How to get HACCP certification in Sri Lanka?

If you are looking for HACCP Certification Agency in Sri Lanka then we can offer you better services for your organization to get HACCP certification.We Certease as a HACCP Consultant in Sri Lanka dedicated to several companies gaining their certification and also in consultation. we have assisted many companies to get their HACCP certification in Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Sri Jayawardenepura, Moratuwa, Jaffna, and other major cities. HACCP registration in Sri Lanka is simple and clear with the support of Certease. Start the certification process with us to achieve HACCP compliance in Sri Lanka and satisfy the expectations of a growing world.
You can simply contact us through email at contact@certease.com or just ping on WhatsApp by clicking here so that our expert can contact you and get to know your requirements and will explain to you the certification process.

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