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ISO 22000 certification in Saudi Arabia is a standard that specifies the requirement of food safety management system and ISO 22000 certification process in Al-Khobar is one of the disciplines related to science which describes the preparation, storage of food and handling of food to prevent from all the food bore disease ISO 22000 certification services in Jeddah is an industry-specific standard which can be applied only to the food manufacturing industries and the food chain.


ISO 22000 registration services in Jeddah helps to identify the primitive living organisms such as mold, viruses, fungus, and bacteria can cause disease. To overcome all these kind of conditions and reduce hazards in the food they had developed the standard ISO 22000 registration in Dammam helps to prevent the food safety of the organization.

Basic requirements of ISO 22000 standard

Top management has to take the initiative and responsibility to develop the food safety policy for the organization consisting of All the departments in the food industry

To comply with the policies, the objectives have to be set up so that it drives the company’s efforts

The management system has to plan, design, and documented.

To check the performance of the system that records have to be maintained

The individuals have to be qualified to take up the food safety management team so that they can focus on the implementation processes

To ensure effective communication with him contacts outside industries such as customers and suppliers regulator and others, we can have an effective communication system, and we can define the communication procedures.

Emergency plan has to be prepared.

To check the performance of the food safety management system, the management review meeting has to be done.

To carry out the effective operation of the food safety management system, adequate resources have to be provided with qualified experts, sufficient infrastructure, and work environment to make sure that the food is safe.

HACCP principles have to  follow while implementing a food safety management system

To identify the products, the traceability system has to be established.

To control the nonconforming a product, the corrective actions and preventive action has to be found ISO 22000 consulting services in Saudi Arabia are beneficial.

To handle the withdrawal of products the documented procedure has to be maintained

The measuring and monitoring devices have to be controlled

Program has to be established and maintained

By updating the performance continually, the measurement system can be improved.


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